Commission Process

David Harrison painting the landscape. Commission process page for commissioning art from David Harrison

The purpose of this outline is for our mutual communication and understanding. It is important that we both feel comfortable that our expectations will be met, and that the experience is enjoyable.

  1. Meeting in person or by phone to discuss the number of paintings, and size, medium, theme, colors, budget, deadline, shipping and terms of payment for each.
  2. Submittal of photos, if appropriate, for approval by client. For example, photos may be helpful in painting a particular landscape.
  3. Submittal of sketches and refinement of ideas for approval by client.
  4. Submittal of color comp (small painting). Minor alterations will be done free of charge. If the client requests major design changes at this point, he/she will be charged for additional comps.
  5. After approval of color comp and receipt of 50% deposit, the painting commences. If instead the commission is cancelled at this juncture, a “kill fee” will be charged.
  6. Upon delivery, balance is due in full unless otherwise negotiated in the terms.